colleen c. andrews is
a graphic designer and
arts education advocate.


About Me


My focus is access and equity in arts eduction—making high-quality arts education a staple for every student.  I believe deeply in the power of art and design to impact children’s lives, their educational experiences, and their communities.

My background is in the visual arts and graphic design.  My current passion and career focus is arts education, art pedagogy, and cultural policy.  I’ve worked at arts organizations developing, implementing, and evaluating arts education programming.  I’ve led art-making for K-12 students in both classrooms and communities.  I’ve forged relationships with leaders in the field, observing the impact arts-based learning can have.  

Energized by these diverse perspectives, I am passionate about working to address short-term program goals and to build capacity for long-term success.  I believe that as artists and designers, we can impact education, driving the conversation about how arts-based learning can support a dynamic, well-rounded educational system.  Working together, we will further your organization's mission and empower youth through the arts!



graphic design

With a Bachelor of Arts double major in Graphic Design and Creative Writing, my professional design work has centered on fusing my love for the written word with my visual skills.  This led me to the New York publishing industry.  There, I was a member of collaborative design teams, creating book covers and interiors across the industry for over five years.  In addition to book design, my creative interests and experience include marketing and advertising, branding and logo design, digital and social media design for a variety of clients.

art education

In 2017, I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a Master of Arts in Art + Design Education.  My graduate research explored how arts nonprofit partner with public schools to offer arts programming.  My thesis, "Creating Access and Equity in Art Education: Strategic Partnerships for Systemic Change" examines the state of art education in public schools, reveals how nonprofits successfully offer arts-based learning, and offers current examples, based on interviews with leaders in the field, to place these issues in context.


Art is a must. It has to be. It’s part of why students go to school. It’s part of how students learn about everything else.


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