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Services Offered

To ensure the arts are a crucial part of our educational system, I am committed to creating strong arts programs, supporting those programs with appealing design pieces, as well as engaging in advocacy efforts.


I provide Design Services in the following areas:

Print & Digital Design

  • Book and publication design: cover & interior
  • Assessing existing publications and designing new content that is both accessible and compelling 
  • Creating print material: brochures, postcards, signage, invitations, manuals, evaluation tools, etc.
  • Creating digital material: website design
  • Photo editing

Project Documentation & Social Media

  • Photographing current projects and programs/taking video footage 
  • Editing images for web and social media, curating social media posts: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

I provide Art Education Consulting Services in the following areas:

Program Development

  • Designing and implementing educational arts programs for youth: writing themed curriculum and lesson-planning based on state and national VAPA standards, collaborating on new educational tools
  • Evaluating the integrity of existing art education programs: curriculum, teaching, and assessment
  • Teacher training: leading inquiry-based teaching practices and guiding teaching artists
  • Reviewing teaching artists applications, conducting site visits, and supporting educators and volunteers on-site

Project-based Organizational Leadership

  • Project management, creating schedules and budgets, communicating with stakeholders, creative problem-solving 


  • Cultivating relationships with schools and forming new collaborations across nonprofits

I provide in-depth Program Evaluation Consultation:

Working with arts nonprofit, I identify what can be measured—and what’s worth counting—as they seek to improve their internal operations and strengthen their programs and their case-making to external stakeholders.

Program Evaluation: Engaging Data, Informed Decision-Making & Case-Making

  • Capturing how programs effect the artistic development of students
  • Measuring how arts-integrated learning strengthens academic programs
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of support for classroom teachers and teaching artists
  • Engaging data to improve internal operations: staffing, program development, and partnerships
  • Gathering evidence of accomplishments—and where additional resources are needed—to strengthen funding requests